Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hi there!
Sorry I've been away so long. My real job was keeping me busy. I have relocated to Wisconsin for the summer for another gig. This means no more new yarns until I return in the fall. I never got a chance to knit and reskein Zelda Pink and Link Green, so they will not be joining the listings. I did cart along all of my listed yarns and the yarn I have for the Star Trek scarf. So I will still take orders for the summer.
Time permitting- I'm hoping to be able to pull a few of my stock yarns for other knitted items to sell. The is apparently a good yarn shop in town. I'm going to go explore it to see if I can make another scarf out of the remainder of my personal American Idiocy yarn. A few months ago I made a scarf doubling the American Idiocy yarn with a white yarn (the brand is escaping me at the moment.) It's one of the few scarfs I brought with me. Maybe I'll post pictures soon to get an opinion on weather or not it would sell.

Anyway, I'm exhausted after my first day at my new job, but I thought I would post and let you all know I hadn't disappeared for good.