Monday, January 25, 2010

New upload(s)

I'm feeling sick and had to do some family time stuff yesterday when I planned to work, so I got behind on dying and reskeining. I also decided that I am going to knit up each color to give my customers a better idea of how everything looks. Anyway, I finally got International Superyarn! ready for listing. I really like it and plan on making it again when I get my next batch of yarn in.

I finished dying all the yarn I have in stock, so now it's time to reorder. I'm thinking 5 superwash fingering and 5 BFL Aran. This will be my last yarn order until I start selling because I can't afford to put out more money, but I figure that 26 items in stock is a good start.
I have a Princess Zelda Bulky that needs reskeining, so that will hopefully be up tonight. My 2 newest colors are based on TV shows. I'm going to withhold details for now, but I'll post about them before I list.
Crossing my fingers for some sales in the near future.

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