Sunday, January 17, 2010

Starting up again

So, I decided not to keep up on this whole blogging thing after my first post because I discovered Ravelry and that fulfilled my need to 'scrapbook' my projects and more. (Seriously, if you are a knitter and you aren't of Ravelry you need to be.) Anyway, I finished my christmas knitting...well, for the most part, I still have my dad's scarf to finish. I was burnt out on knitting and needed something new to fill my jobless life that may actually make me money until my gig in May. So I decided to start dying yarn.
I had been looking for something in the color scheme of Green Day's American Idiot. So I began with an American Idiocy yarn for myself and one for my shop. Then I started just pulling colors from all the movies I had been watching during my Christmas knitfest.
I'm pretty happy with the colors so far. I was disappointed at first that the yarn I ordered was apparently fingering and not DK, like it was advertised, but it's still nice yarn to start on and a good discount for only having to skein every ball first. And really, I was only disappointed because I wanted something a little thicker for the project I had in mind for my American Idiocy yarn.

So, in short, I'm restarting for my customers to give longer stories behind my yarns and an idea of what I have planned. Most of all to get feedback on ideas I may not be sure about.

I'm going back to skeining yarn and watching tv. I'll post some of my planned colorways tomorrow and info about my newest base yarns. Keep a look out for 2 new yarns on my shop within the next few hours.

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