Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Princess Zelda and twitter

Just listed the bulky version of Princess Zelda. It's very pretty and goes perfectly with its' Aran counterpart. I'm still fighting a cold, but I'll be trying to get the 2 remaining yarns up this weekend. They've been knitted and look pretty awesome. So once they are re-skeined, I'll be listing them.
Here's the two Princess Zelda items together:

So my two tv show yarns are based on colors from How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory. I'll give you more when I'm ready to list.

Finally, I've made a twitter account for my shop. Feel free to follow me! Propschicknits is my account name. You'll know immediately when I'm about to list a new item and what it will be, along with some other stuff...

Anyway, I have a runny, stuffy nose to take care of, so I'm off!

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