Monday, January 18, 2010

New Yarn!

Today, I add to the Propschicknits' family 2 new lines of base yarn from Wool2Dye4! The first one is an amazingly soft and squishy bulky yarn made with 100% Falkland Merino Wool from South America. The second is a very soft BFL Aran Yarn. I'm waiting on my restock of acid dyes to come in from Dharma Trading, so I began each line using colorways I had done for my "Less than DK" line.

The inaugural skein for Falkland Bulky is American Idiocy from the Green Day line. Seems that this yarn takes the dye darker than the "Less than DK" Yarn. I didn't get as much grey out of this and the red came out darker. Still, I like the way it came out and I hope you will too!

The inaugural skein for BFL Aran is How Do You Know from the Enchanted line. It turns out that Giselle may have been the fluke, not How Do You Know. I'll make another attempt at Giselle Blue, but I'm starting to think I just got really lucky that day...
Anyway, I still love How Do You Know. I think it's a fun peppy yarn. This does not have yellow in it like it's "Less than DK" counterpart, but the lack of yellow doesn't take away from it's beauty.

Quick note- The "Less than DK" yarn is the Paradise Fibers (Europa) Double Knitting base yarn. "Less than DK" is how it is listed on Raverly.

Ideas for upcoming colorways:
Wall-E (Colors of Wall-E himself)
International Superyarn! (based on the cover of Green Day's International Superhits!)
Big Bang Theory: Leonard and Howard (color combos based on some of their costumes)
BFL Aran Christian's Inferno
BFL Aran Giselle (If I can repeat my luck with the color)
Under The Sea using Acid Dye
If there is anything you would like to see or a suggestion of what base these colorways should be on, let me know!

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