Sunday, March 7, 2010


This yarn perplexes me. I finally got around to knitting up the sample for it today and apparently it has changed in the 6 weeks since I reskeined it and did my original gauging. It went from 13 wraps per inch to 16 wraps per inch, which is what the other Less Thank DK (fingering) yarns are.
I should explain why it was different in the first place. Narissa soaked up A LOT of excess dye. So much so, that I was able create Zelda Pink from the run off into the steaming water. Anyway, I guess I had to wash it out a lot more than I did with the 4 Less Than DK yarns that I had dyed before it because it felted up pretty badly. Actually, it felted so bad that I wasn't sure it would be salvageable.
Turns out I just got a little paranoid about it and the yarn came apart pretty easily. It broke twice and has 2 knots, but this doesn't break the flow of the colors.
Since it felted, I assume that it shrunk a little and don't want to list it as the full 220 yards. I listed it as 210 just to be safe.

Okay, so that explains the physical part of the yarn. Now I'll talk about the colors.

One night shortly after deciding that I would sell my hand dyed yarns on etsy, I was working on finishing up a Christmas present while watching Enchanted. I pulled several color inspirations from that movie, but one of the first was the coloring of Narissa. Originally, I was just going to take the colors of her animated outfit, but then I saw Susan Sarandon in the real life costume and knew I had to attempt it. I had only ordered the cold and warm primary colors and black for this first batch of yarn, so I had to mix the green and purple. (On a related note, mixing your own purple is a pain, I recommend just ordering it). Anyway, the purple turned out pretty dark, almost black, but it works really well to give the same feel as the costume.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff for this yarn. Here's some pretty pictures.

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