Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Star Trek Scarf

As I've mentioned before, I've been thinking about adding a line of knitted items to my store. I've been stuck on what to make because of restrictions on selling items made from published patterns. While I've been knitting for 5 years, I've relied on patterns for almost everything I've made. My knitting fever tends to go in waves, so I haven't gotten around to successfully making anything other than scarves until recently. I don't know many different stitch patterns. So making my own pattern seems a little daunting.
On top of that, I don't have spare fundage right now, and need to pull from my stash, which I'm perfectly okay with. I just couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to make from the excessive amount of yarn in my stash to come up with something from my brain.
Then I realized, since Christmas I've been slowly working on a Star Trek scarf for my best friend. The pattern is completely my own other than a chart I found online for the TNG insignia. It occurred to me, surly Mike can't be the only one who is dorky enough to want a Star Trek scarf.
Once I finish this one, I'll be posting a listing for it on Etsy. The only reason it has taken me so long to finish this one is because I got so burnt out on Christmas knitting that I needed a break, and I knew I had until the end of March, when he comes to visit, to finish it. That and I started dying again and opened up my shop. Plus, it uses 3 & 4 balls of yarn for 2/3 of each side, so it doesn't travel well. In reality, I think it's really a week long project tops.
My plan is to offer it in 3 color choices- Red & Black with a gold insignia, Blue & Black with a gold insignia, and Yellow & Black with a black or grey insignia.
The one I'm knitting is in red, which is the uniform color for command in TNG. I'm thinking I may revamp it to do a TOS version as well and maybe a 2009 movie version. Of course, the insinias for the movie are a little more complicated, but they're pretty sweet.
I'm excited about this new prospect and I hope people will actually like it. While I can't really use any of my dyed yarns for this, I think it will defiantly get me more exposure and hopefully help find some great homes for my yarns. :-)
Hopefully I'll be done with Mike's scarf by this weekend, so keep an eye out for pictures and a link to the listing.
Off to watch some more Dexter and continue knitting!


  1. I love all the different places you get inspiration from! And your colors are all so beautiful!
    I am looking forward to seeing the finished star trek scarf. It sounds amazing! I am sure there are plenty of other people who would want one, myself included =)

  2. thanks kadi! I can't wait to show off this scarf. I just need to get it finished.