Saturday, March 20, 2010

Popping in

Okay, so I'm full of empty promises to get things up. I know, I'm awful, but let's move on...
I've been super busy working as an Assistant Stage Manager on a show here in KC. It was blocking week, which means if I'm not in rehearsal, I'm working on transferring blocking to my side pages. Yes, I know this is all mumbo jumbo to anyone outside of theatre; so, moving on...

First off, the Star Trek Scarf- Since I plan on making it a made to order product, I need to list it when I have time to actually make it. It's not that I'm counting for sales on the scarf to be an immediate thing, but I don't want to take the risk. So I think I'll wait to list it until after I get this show up in a couple of weeks. If I feel I have more time to work on shop stuff once the show is running, I'll list it. If not, I'll most likely hold off the listing until August because I have a full time artisan gig this summer. Keep checking back here about the scarf. I'll post updates about possible listing time frame.
In the mean time, there will be pictures of it soon because my best friend, Mike, who it was made for, will be in town in a week and a half. So my promise of pictures will be fulfilled soon.

Second, the Link and Zelda yarns are balled. I started to work a little on the knitted sample for Link, but really needed to do work on my prompt book instead. So it's been sitting on the side table by my couch all week. I just need time to knit for an hour or so and then skein and do pictures. Hopefully that can happen this week.

The Zelda yarn is a little more tricky to put a time frame on. I poured the dye on to the yarn to give it a little variegation in the solid color and something odd occurred. There was a large concentration of blue/purple in the spot that the dye was directly poured on to and then it tapered out to the pink. I thought it might lighten up and be okay after the steam set and rinse, and that may have been the case, but some mysterious bright blue spots appeared on the yarn out of nowhere and could have changed that. So I'm not completely sure what happened. There are several of small spots of bright blue surrounded by the pink, but it may have also turned a darker purple in spots that the blue ran/blended more. It's really hard to tell. I'm not sure that I like it. I'm going to knit it up and see. Luckily the color is light enough that I can over dye easily. Then the decision will be to add a second color or do a solid color over the whole thing. Once I decide, you'll find out on here.

Okay, I think that's everything for right now. Sorry about my absence and the long post. I was hoping to get Etsy work done tonight, but I'm still behind on some stuff. The next two or three weeks are jam backed, so I probably won't be updating again for awhile.

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