Saturday, March 6, 2010


I totally just realized that I hadn't posted the stuff for Simba when I listed it a few days back...or maybe that was yesterday... I'm being so lazy that I'm not even going to click on the tab for my etsy shop to check. I'll add pictures and the story in the morning. I just wanted to shoot an update onto my blog in case I forgot to post tomorrow.
Made some adjustments to the shop today. New banner, customized lay out, and a couple of postings got some new pictures.
I plan on getting up early tomorrow to try out some Saturday morning renewing to see if I can get sales. Then maybe I'll be doing some dying before babysitting tomorrow night. If nothing else, I'll work on recreating that awesome Zelda pink color. I don't think I'll have any trouble making a Link green. Maybe I'll just make a whole new Zelda color or a Twilight Princess yarn or something...meh...well see. Off to sleep and dream of sales!
More in the morning!

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