Sunday, February 28, 2010


okay, I'm back for a bit. Busy weekend finishing up a play in KC. I have the knitted sample for Vancouver 2010 done. I just need to reskein it and take pictures. I should have it up some time tomorrow.
I'm in the middle of the knitted sample for Simba. Should be up by Wednesday.
Currently working on the facebook fan page. Looking to bring in more traffic and hopefully some sales.
I have 2 more blank yarns to dye. Hopefully some inspiration will come. I'm thinking of doing a solid Zelda Pink and a solid dark green for Link. That is, if I can recreate Zelda Pink. We'll see...
okay, off to reskein Vancouver 2010 and do a couple of other things! More later!

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  1. Zelda pink and Link green! Hooray for geeks. Hope the dying goes/went well!