Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How Do You Know?

I just updated and renewed the listing for How Do You Know? Fingering. I wanted to shorten the length of the listing by not going in depth on how the color came about in the description. I am putting it on here for anyone who is curious.

How Do You Know?: The Backstory

How Do You Know? was originally supposed to be a variation on Giselle. Actually, let me go back a little further on this one. ORIGINALLY, I had intended for Giselle to be it's pretty blue color with spots of white and pink. Giselle was only the second color that I made, the first being American Idiocy, and I hadn't played around enough with the dyes to know that I would get a good pink from the Cherry Red. So I nixed the pink part of that design and used more blue than I had originally planned.
ANYWAY, back to How Do You Know?...
I eventually realized how to make pink and decided to try again. There were many happy accidents that made this color. Keep in mind, I intended it to be Giselle with more white and some pink.

The Happy Accidents:

1) The Green Color: This one took me a while to figure out. I wrote down the ratio of blue to yellow for Giselle Blue wrong. It had been a few weeks since I did the dying of Giselle, so when it looked a little darker and green when I applied the dye, I figured that Giselle was that color at first as well. Turns out I was wrong. I didn't realize the ratio problem until after I made the BFL Aran How Do You Know? I will tell the full story of the ratio problem when I give the deeper story on Giselle.

2) The yellow spots: So to add to my color woes with the blue/green dye, some undissolved yellow pigment had settled at the bottom of the pour cup and escaped with the last of the dye. At this point, I had realized that this color may be more green than I wanted, so I did my best to clean it up, but excepted that there would probably be a yellow spot. I avoided the escape of yellow for the BFL Aran version because I thought that maybe the escaping yellow had something to do with the green color. When I turned out to be wrong, then I realized the ratio was off.

3) The light blue spots: I'm not sure what causes this, but I've noticed it with the turquoise dye. It seems to spread more than the yellow, so blue borders the green every time it starts up again.

4) The lavender spots: I'm not sure why the blue escaped and not the yellow, but there are spots where the blue mixed with the pink and created a lavender color. There's no orange (pink and yellow) and no brown (pink and green), so I can only assume that the blue was the only rouge color.

There you go, that is how I ended up with the colors of How Do You Know?
Really, the only parts of the fingering that I seemed to have intended were the pink and the spacing. The rest was all a happy accident. Therefore, it is my Happy Accident Yarn.
Don't get me wrong. I like the coloring and think it is a great addition to my line... it just wasn't an intended addition.

Hope you liked my story. It is one of the more involved tales There are some details behind other colors in an older posts, but I will blog some more about them in the future.

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