Monday, February 22, 2010

Tweedy fun

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm on run crew for a play, so I've been pre-occupied over the weekends. I got Sully up and listed last night. I love this yarn, but I'm not happy with the pictures. The purple is showing up as more of a dark blue or a blue violet. I tried changing the lighting a couple of times, but nothing worked. I think it's supposed to warm up next week, so maybe I'll get a chance to try it under natural light without having to worry about the wet and the snow.
Anyway, I've never done a spotted pattern when painting. I thought it would just be fun and wouldn't translate to spotting up when knitted. Guess I was wrong! It really does look like Sully, huh?

I just finished up dying 2 new colors on the "tweed" base yarn. They are completely new color ways and I think people will be pleased. One is based on the color theme for the Vancouver Olympics (blues and greens) and the other is based on a specific scene in The Lion King. If you want to see exactly what scene, it's during "I Just Can't Wait to be King" when Nala and Simba are on the ostriches running away from Zazu. It's yellow, orange, red, and purple.
I'm off to rinse the Lion King yarn out and then I have a show. I'll get pictures up of the new yarns when I have them!

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