Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Treasury and other stuff

First things first. FINALLY got a treasury made! It's all turquoise items! It'll be down on Thursday night, so check it out when you can.

okay...so I got Under the Sea redyed and left it to dry and that's as far as I got. Damn you etsy forums and my need for feedback! However, I have gotten a lot of great feedback today and since I am trading comments for comments, I've discovered some sweet new shops and helped other people out. I'll Under the Sea done soon though...

I just finished knitting up the sample for American Idiocy fingering. Pictures are taken, I just need to pick out the best one and edit the entire listing (it's the only one that hasn't been revamped). I'll be doing that after I finish this post.

I also lowered some prices to see if that helps with sales. I'm getting tired of waiting!!!!

Still waiting on the Tweed yarn from Wool2Dye4. Once it comes I'll be dying more. I had a brain blast thinking I could do a Dwight Shrute themed yarn, but then I realized how awful the Mustard Yellow/Brown color combo would look on a yarn. (If you don't get it, just think on that for a sec.)

So yes, I'm bad. New pictures of Under the Sea will be up tomorrow...

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